Much of the hard work in regards to turning up for your driving test is done on the build up to the big day. Below we have outlined 10 of our top tips to help you prepare for your big day.

No. 1 – Give Yourself Time

We all want to pass our driving test as quickly as possible but trying to prepare for your test in a too short a period of time can greatly increase the pressure you put on yourself.

Don’t try to rush the process, experience is a key aspect of learning to drive and we promise that we will advise to submit yourself for a test the moment that you are ready.

No. 2 – Manage Your Money

There are a number of costs associated with learning to drive and it is important that you save some money to make sure that they are all covered.

Some of the essential costs include the purchase of a provisional driving licence, theory test and practical driving test. Not to forget of course – your driving lessons!

No. 3 – Maximise Your Lessons

We strongly recommend the completion of at least 2 hours worth of driving tuition per week. Setting the bar at 2 hours per week (minimum) will help you to progress consistently, lift your confidence whilst keep all of your newly learned skills fresh in your mind.

No. 4 – Record Your Progress

Keep a track of your progress. This will help you to identify any areas of weakness which may need a little extra work and which areas that you have mastered.

No. 5 – Keep on Practicing!

The more practice you can get the better. All of your lessons will help and to enhance this, wherever possible, ask a friend or relative to take you out for extra practice on the road.

Practice and experience go hand in hand and any extra practice you get may make all of the difference on test day.

No. 6 – Keep Focused

Using Theory Test Pro (available via the link below) you can keep your focus between lessons by studying for your theory test and gaining a deeper understanding of situations you may have on the road and how to deal with them.

No. 7 – Get Your Theory Test Out Of The Way

The sooner you can pass your driving test the better. You cannot sit your practical test until you have done this so make sure that you avoid unnecessary distractions by passing your theory test as soon as possible.

No. 8 – Mock Tests Rule!

Completing several mock tests, under test conditions and using a test route can provide invaluable experience for when it comes to sitting your test.

No. 9 – Sleep Well

We understand that you will be nervous, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. However, there are some things that may help you and getting an early night the night before your test will help you to feel fresh on the big day.

No. 10 – Give it Your Best

You will have all the practice and experience that you need to pass your test on the run up to the big day. When the day arrives you can do no more than try your best. We’re sure that will be enough.