Intensive driving courses are one of the most effective learning methods. By compressing many months of weekly driving lesson tuition into a period of one or two weeks, they offer the significant benefit of having to spend far less time going over things that were covered in the previous week’s driving lessons.

Why Choose an Intensive Course?

Driving, like any other skill, is something that will be improved with specialised training 4 Reasons an Intensive Course of Driving Lessons Might Be Right For Youand there are definite advantages to be had by honing your driving skills through an intensive driving course.

An intensive driving course can improve the skills of any driver, from newly licensed teenagers to adults with many years of driving experience.

The question is normally why would one consider an intensive driving course as opposed to the normal format of taking weekly lessons? The answer is a fairly simple and borne out by the fact that the results of an intensive course in driving will be cheaper, more effective, and greatly reduce the overall learning time that it takes to learn to drive to the standards as set by the DSA for the driving test.

Along with the reasons and benefits outlined above, we believe that a course of intensive driving lessons offers 4 other compelling reasons to turn to this type of tuition.

  1. Offering a higher first time pass rate when compared to taking driving lessons over a longer period of time
  2. Pass your test more quickly with an intensive driving course as you will learn,  stay focused and concentrate on your driving over a shorter period of time
  3. Save both time and money if you take an intensive driving course
  4. Become more confident and gain more knowledge faster, therefore helping you to pass your test quicker