Buried deep within the current version of the Highway Code (rules 204 to 225), you will find a dedicated section with a specific focus on ‘Road users requiring extra care’. This section goes into great detail regarding the additional consideration which must be given to other road users.

Improving Weather

As the weather begins to improve the chances of encountering one or more of these whilst How To Adjust To Different Driving Conditionsout driving begins to significantly increase.

The most vulnerable road users are listed as below:

  • pedestrians
  • cyclists
  • motorcyclists
  • horse riders.

As a driver, it is vital that you pay special attention to these other road users and be aware of potential hazards at all times. The continuing need to focus on the safety of vulnerable road users was highlighted recently in a report published by the National Cycling Charity (CTC) which provided figures relating to accidents during the period 2008-2012.


Be Aware At All Times

As a learner driver, you are classed as a vulnerable road user yourself, given your lack of experience on the roads. Other road users need to show extra consideration to you, just as you show to them.

Make sure you learn and understand the different road signs (you will need them for your Theory Test!) and be aware in places of extra concern such as:

  • schools
  • playgrounds
  • roundabouts
  • junctions
  • bus stops
  • high streets
  • winding roads.

Do your bit by driving safely and looking out for your fellow road users.