As the time nears to renew our car insurance, we conduct Advanced Driving Tuitionthe usual searches only to find that the prices seem to keep on rising on a regular basis. At Surrey Driving Force, we can offer a way to ensure that you can receive a reduced insurance quote from participating insurance companies by providing advanced driving tuition.

We provide all of our clients with the option of completing The DIAmond Advanced Test with us.  The current standard driving test lasts for 35 minutes and allows up to 15 minor (driving) errors over the route, whereas the DIAmond Advanced Test takes things to a higher level by taking over an hour, taking in most types of road conditions and allowing only a maximum of six minor faults will be allowed.

This test is the first advanced test available to the general public which examines the Driving Standards Agencys recommended syllabus for driving.

Conditions can be entirely different when driving at night, or in adverse weather conditions, and as a result of this, your driving practices will change to suit the conditions.

Once you have completed your the DIAmond Advanced Test you will be eligible for reduced insurance premiums due to greater driving skill and awareness. You will also benefit from a substantially increased level of confidence by knowing that you can comfortably drive in adverse conditions and have the ability to react to potential hazards safely.