Surrey Driving Force prides itself on providing expert driving lessons at great prices.

If you are looking for cheap, fun but focused driving lessons anywhere within the Surrey area you have come to the right place! When you go on your first driving lesson you will be greeted by your driving instructor, who will take all of the time needed to ensure that you feel comfortable in the car and talk you through all the controls before you start to drive.

A Driving School You Can Rely On

Learning to drive is something that a huge number of people have been through previouslyAshford Driving School and our driving school wants to help guide you through the process. Driving lessons can be a nervous time for many people but why should they have to be a chore? We have not become one of the area’s top driving schools for no reason and our attitude is very different because we believe just the opposite! Our driving school utilise the skills of a team of instructors who are willing to go that extra mile with their pupils to make lessons fun!

DSA qualified Driving Instructors

Our professional DSA (Driving Standards Agency) qualified driving instructors obtain positive results from focused driving lessons across the whole of the Surrey and Middlesex giving you the skills to drive patiently and confidently in today’s demanding traffic conditions.

Train for your Driving Licence with Surrey Driving Force

Get your driving licence sorted sooner rather than later! Our driving lessons are outstanding and we make sure that you get a very experienced instructor that picks up on your flaws very quickly so we don’t waste any of your time.

If this is what you want from your Driving School then book your Driving Lessons with Surrey Driving Force today on Tel. No. 0845 190 2012!

Further Information

If you would like any further details regarding the driving tuition available from Surrey Driving Force, please give us a call on 0845 190 2012 & we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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