Statistics vary regarding the first time failure rate for car MOT tests but we believe that it is safe to say that somewhere between 20% and 40% of cars fail this crucial test at the first time of asking every year.

Typically this does not happen because of any fundamental issues with the car in question, instead the failures are often a result of fairly small faults which can easily be avoided by a bit of preparation work.

Because we want to ensure that all of our learner drivers do not see their hard work go temporarily to waste if their car is not deemed roadworthy for a period of time, we have drawn up a list of simple tips designed to give it the best chance of passing.

No. 1 – Check Your Tyres

One of the most common reasons for an MOT failure results directly from problems with a car’s tyres.

It is essential that all of your vehicle’s tyres are inflated to the correct levels whilst meeting the minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm.

No. 2 – Check the Bulbs

Another very common reason for an MOT failure is due to a broken bulb in a light. Make sure that you check all of the lights and indicators and ask a friend to take a look at your rear brake lights to ensure that they are working.

The good news is that even if you find that you have a problem, bulbs are inexpensive and easy to replace.

No. 3 – Fit New Wiper Blades

Did you know that a split or cracked wiper blade can result in an MOT failure? These can be easily checked by running your finger along the blades to ensure they are in one piece.

As with the bulbs above, if you find a problem there is no need to worry because replacements can be replaced cheaply and easily.

No. 4 – Does Your Windscreen Have Any Cracks?

For obvious reasons, a damaged windscreen can result in an MOT failure. You must ensure that your windscreen does not have any cracks or chips that are in the 290 mm band above the steering wheel as this will be classed as interfering with a direct line of sight.

No. 5 – Make Sure Your Registration Plates Are On Display

Often an after thought for many car owners, registrations plates are part of the MOT test and must be fully secure and free of cracks.

No. 6 – Does Your Car Need Some TLC?

Washing your car is rarely top of anyone’s to do list, especially during the winter but did you know that testers can actually refuse to MoT a car if it is too dirty?? Pay special attention to the boot area, which must be easily accessible.