How polite do you believe that you are when out on the road?

Do you always allow other cars to pull out ahead of you… or are you fiercely protective of every inch between your vehicle and the next? Do you view other drivers as fellow travellers sharing the road… or as the enemy, fighting to get there the fastest?

Are You a Master of Your Driving Skills?

We all like to think of ourselves as masters behind the wheel – and with something as Do You Follow The Right Driving Etiquette?powerful as a car under our control the temptation to become a bit of a bully can be a little too much to resist every now and then.

But on the other hand – nobody wants to feel like a complete push-over. Surely it’s possible to be a considerate driver without losing your backbone completely?

The Telegraph has added a series of questions designed to help get a view of your driving etiquette and how polite you are when out on the road.

To answer these questions, please click on the link below and then let us know how you get on!

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