The cockpit drill is the very first procedure you will learn when starting your driving lessons. In the video below you can see exactly what you will have to do to ensure that you can complete the cockpit drill with the minimum of fuss.

Why is the Cockpit Drill Important?

The cockpit drill is an essential part of the learning experience because it provides you with important knowledge relating to all of the relevant car safety aspects and controls.

Typically, much of your initial driving lesson will be spent getting to grips with the cockpit drill and only once you feel comfortable doing this will you be in a position to drive the car.

Being Proactive

If you are in the fortunate of position of having a car in which you can practice, using the tips in the video, you will be able to take large strides towards learning the cockpit drill before your first driving lesson, which in turn will help you to get out on the road at an earlier stage.

Once you feel comfortable doing the procedures on your own that form the cockpit drill, you will quickly find that it takes no more than a minute of two to complete on all future lessons.

Focusing on you!

Many driving instructors focus on telling their pupils what to do and what to think! This is not the SDF way. We want to ensure that all of our pupils build self-reliance, confidence and responsibility as these are the traits needed to develop into a safe and confident driver with life-long skills.

Please Note – Much of the cockpit drill is universal in the fact that it relates to the majority of makes and models of car. However, certain controls such as side mirror adjustment controls for example may vary from car to car and therefore, such specific controls will be explained by your driving instructor on your first lesson.