Do you keep both hands on the wheel as often as you should? According to a recent article in the Express, you may be in the minority if you do!

Most British drivers have both hands on the steering wheel for less that 15 minutes in any 30-minute journey, new research has uncovered.

Displaying Poor Technique

A survey by online motor finance firm Carfinance247 has found that we use one of our hands for a wide range of non-driving activities when we’re supposed to be concentrating on the road.

Driving experts advise that motorists should grip the upper part of the steering wheel, on either side, feeding it through the hands with a pull-push motion (depending on which way the vehicle is turning) in order to keep control of the car.

However, there has been dissention in recent years on the best technique, with some experts believing that, because of the force and trajectory of steering wheel-embedded airbags, drivers should position their hands slightly lower in order to avoid injury – at the 9 and 3 o’clock position – yet most driving instructors still teach that 10 and 2 is correct.

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