Motorway driving can often be a new and intimidating experience for newly qualified drivers, simply because they are unlikely to have driven on these roads because this is not part of the standard curriculum for preparing for a driving test.

An Overlooked Danger

Driving when you are drowsy can be as dangerous as having a few drinks, says the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Which is a worry, because a recent American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety report found that 10% of US drivers admitted falling asleep behind the wheel, while a 2011 UK survey of 1,000 drivers by Brake, the road safety charity, found that one in eight drivers had nodded off for up to 30 seconds.

Drowsiness, like alcohol, makes you less alert, slows your reaction times and means you How Safe Do You Feel When Driving On The Motorway?are more likely to have an accident even if you don’t actually fall asleep. About one in five crashes in which a person is killed involves a drowsy driver. Driving while drowsy usually occurs at high speeds, is most common in men between 16 and 24 years of age and occurs most often between 11pm and 8am. The car typically veers off the road and the driver isn’t alert enough to brake.

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A Very Different Skill

Motorway driving is very different to other forms of driving and because of this our motorway driving tuition has been designed to ensure that our clients are develop all of the driving skills which are required to drive safely and confidently on the UK’s unique network of motorways.

Our lessons will be geared towards the needs of each individual driver and will help the participating driver master skills such as:

  • Safely entering and leaving the motorway
  • Keeping safe distances
  • Using lanes correctly
  • Overtaking
  • Keeping aware of other road users and anticipating potential hazards
  • How to cope in an emergency
  • Driving in bad weather conditions

If you are looking to participate in a driving course which has been designed to teach the skills needed to master the art of driving on the UK’s unique network of motorways, look not further than Surrey Driving Force’s and the premier quality motorway driving training Egham has to offer.

Our lessons come greatly recommended and highly regarded, and we make sure that every single one of our learners is subjected to the best teaching and most rewarding outcome.