The majority of motorists are terrified of distracted road users, even more than having their car stolen or facing bad weather.A survey conducted by Servicing Stop, asked motorists what their biggest concert when driving was, to which 70 per cent replied with distracted drivers.

This was followed by over half saying their were concerned by impaired drivers or people driving under the influence.

What Are The Biggest Fears?

Car jackers and hackers together made up 23 per cent of all motorists biggest fear, but it is still careless drivers on the road that cause the most anxiety.

Figures released by the Department of Transport last year revealed that there was a three per cent increase in the number of road traffic accidents on UK roads between June 215 and June 2016.Of the 24,620 deaths and serious injuries on British roads lone, 68 per cent of them were down to driver error.

A further 1,000 drivers were surveyed to reveal the bad habits they have while driving which could be classed as distracted or dangerous driving.

Half admitted to speeding, another quarter said they text, make calls or use apps at the wheel and one in six admit to drink driving.
A further 20 per cent of drivers fail to stop at a red light and almost half eat food while behind the wheel.

Alarming Reading!

Oliver Richmond, CEO and founder of Servicing Stop said: “The figures make for alarming reading and clearly show a trend in declining road safety.

“There are many factors driving this, such as the distance people travel; the mix of transport modes used; the behaviour of drivers, riders and pedestrians; and the mix of groups of people using the roads.

“However, driver behaviour remains a major factor in road traffic accidents.

“A growing number of UK drivers are displaying dangerous habits putting the lives of themselves and other road users at risk, despite several recent Government road safety campaigns.

“Clearly, the message is not getting through. The falling numbers of road traffic police officers has not helped either.“Today, motorists face over-crowded roads and motorways, extensive road works and difficult driving conditions.

“It’s more important than ever that drivers remain alert and concentrate on the road.”

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