We fully understand that ‘state of mind’ is all important when it comes to practical driving test preparation. However, what lengths would you be prepared to go to in order to ensure that you felt relaxed and comfortable on the big day!!??

A recent survey by the AA highlighted a list of some of the most unusual superstitions that were followed in order to gain that key edge.

A Classic Example

LBC recently highlighted a particular learner driver who took the step of buying a car Ashford Driving Schoolshortly before they took their test. Nothing too unusual there i’m sure that you’re saying, however for luck, her mother cracked an egg on each tyre and bought her an evil eye toy to ward off people’s envy and jealousy!

Does this sound a little odd? The learner passed their test so perhaps it did help!

Peculiar practices

Some other examples highlighted in the Admiral article include:

As did a pupil who wanted to stop and park whenever she saw two drains so she could get out and stand on them. She passed her test first time with only two minors.

Other anecdotes the instructors revealed are:

  • One pupil wore the T-shirt she had on when she gave birth to her daughter (now seven years old) and the trousers she wore before she conceived
  • On a fourth attempt, one learner ate two bananas just before her test after reading they were key to alertness – and she passed
  • Another learner turned to Mario Kart; she had the steering wheel controller and felt it helped with steering on the real lessons
  • A lucky Italian Job T-shirt worn throughout school exams was the ticket for one learner who passed second time (having worn the T-shirt on both attempts)

For more on this story please visit – http://www.admiral.com/news-articles/10265/learner-drivers-test-day-superstitions-revealed/

Whilst nearly everyone has one form of superstition, (some more serious than others!), our learner drivers who complete the driving lessons in Ashford with us can be certain that they will have the rock solid foundation of knowing they have all the requisite skills needed to pass their test.

Further Information

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