At Surrey Driving Force, the leading driving school in Guildford, we go to great lengths to teach our students the rules of driving, along with helping to instil the driving etiquette needed to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible when they are out on the road.

However, not all driving schools take this view and therefore some ‘driving’ and behaviour on the road leaves much to be desired!

Below we have identified another 5 top tips which when followed will help to ensure that the red mist should not begin to descend!

1. Park Correctly!

Few things are as frustrating as thinking you have found the last space in a car park, only to find that that one of the cars on either side has cut across the white line meaning that there is no space for you!

Just one person parking incorrectly cause a knock on effect along the whole line and therefore, when parking your car always ensure that you take every care to park evenly, within the white lines.

2. Don’t Dawdle When Filling Up At The Petrol Station

When the time comes to fill your car up with petrol or diesel, it is important to do so in a swift fashion. We are not talking about a speed that would put the McLaren pit crew to shame but taking too long when it is not necessary and causing a queue behind is almost certain to cause aggravation with the drivers behind you.

Simply get your fuel, pay for your fuel, and pull away from the pump.

3. Never Jump the Queue

Do you like it when someone jumps in front of you in a queue? No, neither does anyone else. Queue jumping is one of the unwritten rules of life that cannot be broken under any circumstances and this is no different when it comes to cutting a queue in your car.

4. Good Manners Cost Nothing

As many of our parents always used to tell us, manners cost nothing. We all try to go throughout life without being rude so why should this change when we jump behind the wheel of a car?

If someone is kind enough to let you out at a junction, take a moment to acknowledge what they have done. This action takes a fraction of a second and is always going to be well received.

5. Drive at the Speed of Traffic

Congestion is one of the major causes of ‘red mist’ for drivers yet there is often something that can be done to avoid it. Driving at the speed of traffic will help to keep things flowing along nicely, therefore easing congestion, and reducing the risk of collision.

We are not saying that you should speed and we are not saying drive slow, just stick to the speed limit wherever possible, and keep within a 5-10 mph range of traffic.