Surrey Driving Force utilise the skills of an excellent team of friendly and knowledgeable driving instructors to provide the leading standard of Weybridge driving lessons. By tailoring our lessons to each individual learner driver, we offer the perfect environment for anyone looking to give themselves the best possible opportunity to pass their driving test at the earliest possible stage.

Feeling comfortable and building a rapport with your driving instructor is something that we place great value upon, and to ensure that you feel as though we are the right driving school for you, we offer the first 2 introductory lessons with us at the excellent price of just £15.00 per lesson for your first 2 introductory lessons to allow you to get a feel for us.

Full Range of Tuition

It is our experience that many people believe that driving lessons are solely for Weybridge Driving Lessonsnew and inexperienced drivers. At Surrey Driving Force this is certainly not the case. Although we take a huge amount of pride in helping our students pass their driving test, the leading standard of Weybridge driving lessons can be tailored to help any standard of driver to achieve almost any driving goal.

Lessons including motorway tuition, Pass Plus (to gain more experience and insurance discounts to new drivers), & refresher courses are available along with many more. If you are looking to pass your test quickly, we also offer intensive courses.

Our full range of driving tuition includes:

It is our constant aim to ensure that the tuition offered during the premier Weybridge driving lessons, not only improves driving skills, but also helps to instil the confidence needed to remain safe and confident behind the wheel.

The overall package available from Surrey Driving Force has enabled many of our learner drivers to become driving test ready at a very early stage and the first time pass rate for our learner drivers currently stands at over 20% above the national average!

Intensive Courses of Lessons

We offer an increasingly popular format of driving tuition known as ‘Intensive Driving Courses’ to our learner drivers. This variation of the leading standard of Weybridge driving lessons offers our clients with an opportunity to complete a high number of lessons over a relatively short period of time. The much reduced space between lessons ensures that you spend much less time at the beginning of each lesson covering old ground.

This can result in a substantial increase in the speed at which you progress through your tuition and this will therefore reduce the number of lessons that you may need.

Realistic Mock Test

A crucial aspect of the Weybridge driving lessons  is our variation of the mock driving test. The mock driving tests you complete during the our Weybridge driving lessons are designed to offer the most realistic environment possible to ensure that you are fully prepared for what awaits you during your driving test. The mock driving test which forms part of the Weybridge mock test will be given by an instructor with whom you are unfamiliar to ensure that your test is conducted in a realistic test environment. The feedback you will receive from your examining instructor will provide an invaluable insight into any areas of weakness (if any) that you may need a little more work on before you are ready for your test.

This style of mock driving test is not provided by many of our competitors and is one that many of our learner drivers have found to be particularly helpful.

Further Information

If you would like to receive any further information regarding the Weybridge driving lessons available from Surrey Driving Force, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either calling 0845 190 2012, texting LESSONS to 81066 or e-mailing