Few experiences stand you in greater stead for future life better than learning how to drive. One of the fundamental ways to obtain freedom and independence, you will quickly find how liberating being able to hop into a car once you have passed your test can be!

Here at Surrey Driving Force, the leading Woking Driving School, we have any expert team of male and female driving instructors waiting to teach you everything that you need to develop quickly into a safe and confident driver who will enjoy countless future hours behind the wheel.

One Pupil, One Instructor

Our policy is to provide all learner drivers with the same driving instructor and car throughout the the period of their lessons. During these lessons we offer a wide range of driving tuition which can be tailored to help our clients achieve Woking Driving Schoolalmost any driving goal.

Extensive Local Knowledge

Our team of expert driving instructors provide a unique knowledge of the roads in both Surrey and Middlesex and have a well established a reputation for providing a professional, yet friendly and relaxed atmosphere to learn to drive.

We want to ensure that your experience of learning to drive is something you look forward, not something that you fear. We understand that making mistakes is a fundamental part of the learning process so when you do make a mistake don’t worry, we’re here to show you what went wrong and help you ensure that you don’t repeat it.

We have a strong believe that the driving tuition available from the leading Woking driving school, is about far more than just passing your driving test. We want to ensure that the skills you learn throughout your driving tuition will stay with you for life as you develop into a safe and confident driver. It is this rounded approach which has lead to many of our new learner drivers coming to us because of client testimonials.

Going That Extra Mile!

Our aim at Surrey Driving Force is to provide an excellent driving instructor service and based on experience with many learner drivers we know what it takes to deliver that extra level of service. We take great pride in our ability to be supportive and will create a relaxed learning environment, which will play a crucial role in a new exciting challenge that is above all, fun!!

The driving instructors at Surrey Driving Force, the premier Woking driving school, are trained to the very highest of standards and are ideally positioned to deliver the best value driving lessons in Woking. We know that our instructors are aware of the sensitive needs of a first time driver and that they can confidently put students at ease.

Throughout learning to drive we know that some learner drivers need a lot of patience and understanding and this is something we are confident our instructors can help with.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the leading Woking driving school, give us a call on 0845 190 2012 and we’ll be happy to answer any of you questions.

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